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The Otherkin Community has been around for eleven years. It was once home to a close-knit family, and quickly grew into one of the most active and popular Otherkin communities online. But as time went on, so did much of that family. So did many other members. So did I.

The Community has had a number of hiccups over the past number of years, going offline for months at a time on at least two occasions. As of the past couple of months, the Community has slowed to a halt—where we once had multiple daily registrations, we now have had one over the past couple of months. The forums are all but inactive.

OKC has been able to survive this long thanks to Seraphyna. I thank her for sticking around throughout all of these years, even when things got tough.

There are a lot of memories here. I have kept OKC around for so long after my departure for two reasons: Most importantly, many still considered OKC to be home. Many depended on it to communicate with those that they most closely identified with. The Community was founded on principles of respect, self-discovery, and inclusiveness—principles that largely survived until the very end. It was created in response to a hostile and deeply volatile atmosphere. This helped a lot of people through some rough times. It helped a lot of people to discover themselves—their identity, in whatever form that might be. It definitely helped me through some rough times many years ago; I would not be who I am today were it not for the family that I so deeply treasured within the Community.

And there is that selfish second reason: sentiment. It is hard to get rid of something that I could legitimately call home for so many years. It is a community into which I and many others poured their hearts into for so long, until they simply could spare nothing more. I apologize to everyone that I left behind.

And so with all things considered, I feel that it's time to lay OKC to rest on December 1st, 2016. At that time, both and will be replaced with this message, and nothing else. The Otherkin Community, Inc. will be dissolved some time thereafter. I will retain ownership of the domains for some undefined period.

I have considered my options over the years, and I have decided that an archive of OKC will not be made available. While this is likely to be deeply saddening to some who may wish to take a trip down memory lane and revisit their old home, it is important to understand that so many have poured their essence into these forms—their deepest inner being. Many have laid themselves bare. While many of the conversations on these forums are excellent resources and excellent first-hand accounts, they are also deeply personal experiences that should only be shared by those who experienced them; providing an everlasting archive to OKC would be almost like archiving everyone's family pictures and diaries in a museum. I don't find that to be appropriate. There has been a lot of emotion here; a lot of discovery. Lives and identities have been fundamentally transformed. And may people are different today than they were back then—especially our once-young members that have had their identities evolve into adulthood. With that journey comes bumps and experiences that may not be representative of who that person is today. I know this personally: I started OKC days before my sixteenth birthday. I just turned twenty-seven last month.

Instead, I will provide users with the option to export all personal data associated with their account, such as posts and PMs. This feature is partially complete and available below.

With that, I also recognize that this could very well be the last time I use my alias of Clodaus—an identity that carries so much. That identity made me who I am today. But, as I'm sure many have come to realize over the past five, six, seven years—he has gone away. I cannot lay to rest OKC without laying Clodaus beside it.

Thank you to all who have supported OKC over the years. Thank you to everyone involved in its administration and moderation—there were many of you. My deepest sentiments to all of those who did consider OKC to be home, and who did have family here. It has been a wonderful journey, and I hope that the journey will continue elsewhere for everyone wishing to undertake it. I will never forget; it is part of my identity.


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