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Will Humanity Ever Accept Otherkin & Metaphysics?
Maybe metaphysics, but not Otherkin
 9%  [ 144 ]
Otherkin, but never metaphysics
 1%  [ 24 ]
Not while religion stands in the way
 14%  [ 218 ]
Not within this lifetime
 15%  [ 243 ]
Humanity is too ignorant
 23%  [ 359 ]
They've already begun to accept
 14%  [ 222 ]
Perhaps within the near future
 21%  [ 328 ]
Total Votes : 1538

Welcome to the Otherkin Community Forums, a project of The Otherkin Community, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of metaphysical sciences and dissemination of information about the Otherkin identity. This community is made up of all different types of groups; whether they be Otherkin, those looking for information, or even skeptics, The Otherkin Community welcomes everyone.

Corporate Existence Begun!

On February 13th, 2009, The Otherkin Community, Inc. officially became a non-profit corporation under the State of New York. We hope that our members share in our excitement of this great advancement! However, there is still a long road ahead and we still need your help! More information...

About the Community

Though the title speaks for itself, many people may wonder what exactly this community is. This community was founded for a meeting and discussion place for Otherkin; somewhere where they can get away from the world and talk amongst each other about the topics that appeal to them the most. It is an excellent place to learn, with members exchanging their personal experiences each day.

To create a friendly and supportive community, the number one rule is respect, and it is enforced to the greatest extent to ensure a positive atmosphere. We understand that some of these topics are touchy and issues may arise, so rest assured that unlike many other sites, everything will remain under control and you will always be able to learn and ask the questions you need to, getting the answers you need without counter-productive criticism.


This community is supported by its members - everyone gets out of it what they put in. This is a non-profit community. Everything donated and all support provided will go straight back into the community, supporting the website and adding extra features. When enough money is generated, prizes will even be given out to keep the atmosphere fun, friendly, and interesting. It is also our way of saying thank you to our members.

If you are interested in making a donation, or would like to see the current status of donations, please visit the The Otherkin Community Donations Page.

Thank you for visiting the Otherkin Community, and we hope that we will have the privilege of welcoming you as a new member to our community!

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